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Floor Cleaning Services

Cleaning Group Inc. is a reputable and reliable floor cleaning company for your business. Our experts are trained to give your office floor a neat and sparkling appearance through the effective application of the right treatment.

A clean floor not only speaks volumes about the neatness of your work place, but it also mitigates contaminates. With our in-depth knowledge about different types of floors, we give your floor the suitable treatment and maintenance is deserves.

Polish up your Business

Experience with all Types of Flooring

No two floors are alike, as such a unique approach is employed to provide the best floor cleaning solution for your work place.  The types of equpiptment and chemicals used  

refinishing process for

Clean Flooring

Stripping the Floor

A busy office building brings in dust and dirt that quickly generates an unhealthy work environment.  Studies have shown that an average desk can harbor a whopping 10 million strands of bacteria.  That's only one of the surfaces that require cleaning!

Our cleaners use an antimicrobial solution to clean, disinfect, and sanitize every surface. Their efforts  reduce the risk of illness by following CGI guidelines.

Strppingng floors

Sealing & Finishing the Floor

The presentation of your office is an essential priority.  A clean office boosts morale and is certain to impress clientele; in fact, it instills confidence in your business

Our cleaning program covers every corner, including those hard-to-reach places. With a clean office comes peace of mind.

More importantly, it leaves a lasting impression with anyone that walks through the door.

stripping floors

Floor Protection Program

Cleaning Group Inc. understands that no two offices are alike. Understanding your specific needs requires an experienced commercial cleaning company. The entire scope of work is categorized into clear objectives for the cleaners. As a result, the work stays efficient and brings your costs down.

In other words, fewer man-hours equal more savings!

Additionally,  the basis of our service agreement is on the merit of our performance. We do not believe in long term contracts. Just sign the agreed-upon tasks and terms to begin service.  That's it! You are free to cancel at any time.

Need Your Floors Maintained?

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