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No two floors are alike; as such, a unique approach is employed to provide the best floor-cleaning solution for your workplace.  The types of equipment and chemicals used is essential. We always check with the flooring manufacturer to make sure we are following their cleaning specifications. This will ensure we do not void the warranty.

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Floor Protection Program

Cleaning Group Inc. understands that no two offices are alike. Understanding your specific needs requires an experienced commercial cleaning company. The entire scope of work is categorized into clear objectives for the cleaners. As a result, the work stays efficient and brings your costs down.

In other words, fewer man-hours equal more savings!

Additionally,  the basis of our service agreement is on the merit of our performance. We do not believe in long term contracts. Just sign the agreed-upon tasks and terms to begin service.  That's it! You are free to cancel at any time.

Floor Cleaning Schedule

It is essential to make sure floor cleaning is done on schedule. This will keep your floors looking good all the time. Why wait until your floors look bad to do something about it? We recommend most floors get deep cleaned at least two times per year. Spring and Fall are good times to schedule deep floor cleaning. Deep cleaning in the spring takes care of all the abuse your floor takes during the harsh winter months. The fall is the best time to get your floors ready for winter. Some types of floors require periodic application of sealers or finish. We are experts with all types of flooring and always follow the proper protocols and use premium floor care products. We can set up a daily, weekly, or monthly floor care program to ensure your floor always looks its best. With the high cost of replacing flooring, you will want to protect your floors. Maintenance is far less expensive than replacing. Protect your investment with the proper floor care program from the leading floor care professionals.