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Degreasing For Kitchens And Industrial Fscilities

To properly degrease surfaces, the right process must be used. Kitchen grease is different from grease generated in machine shops or manufacturing facilities. Degreasing is essential for a safe work place.

We have the expertise to determine which chemicals to use and what process will be needed for degreasing. Every facility is different and must be treated as such. Cleaning Group has the experience to handle any size kitchen or factory. 

Commercial kitchens must be cleaned to a high standard to prevent food contamination. We follow all the FDA and EPA guidelines to ensure the job is done right, and your facility is spotless and compliant.

Industrial facilities must be adequately cleaned to maintain safety. Shops and warehouses must be OSHA compliant. Degreasing floors is essential for safety. Product contamination is also significant. We work together with kitchen managers and production managers to make sure everything is safe and clean in your facility.

Trust the experts with over 25 years of experience in degreasing.


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To put it another way, There Is No Middle Man!

To further demonstrate our commitment, monthly emails are part of the quality assurance program.  They consist of surveys that provide valuable feedback as well as educational articles about our procedures.

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