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What Makes CGI Different

We are committed to maintaining a high level of service. We have over 25 years of experience with construction clean up. Our professional staff is well trained and experienced working on job sites. All or our crews have extensive knowledge of construction procedures and safety guidelines. We know that construction cleaning is more complex then any other type of cleanup. We come prepared. Our crew will have all the necessary equipment and chemicals to clean up any job site. We work closely with the project manager and site super to ensure everything looks perfect for your turnover.

Our customers have dealt directly with the owner from the very beginning. Which means the same person handles all your concerns.

To put it another way, There Is No Middle Man!


Get A Construction Clean Up Before You Move In

If you are moving to a new office, chances are there has been some construction done before your move-in date. Unfortunately, some contractors don’t always clean up after themselves. Before moving in is the best time to do a thorough clean up. Even if you are just remodeling your existing office, you will need deep cleaning at the end of the project. Construction dust can keep settling for days after the work is all done. Construction dust is heavier and more coarse than regular dust. Not cleaning it properly can scratch surfaces and ruin your new materials. Not every cleaning company is a construction clean up company.

Some construction materials require special cleaning or preparation after installation that a professional cleaner should only do. New furniture may require cleaning as well. We have the experience to finish your job off right. Our crew can help set up furniture, place artwork, and arrange everything before your move-in to ensure everything goes smoothly. Take the stress out of moving and remodeling with Cleaning Group Inc.

Property Management

Landlords don’t always have the time to oversee all projects at their buildings. If you are an absentee landlord or don’t have the staff to oversee all operations, let us help. Cleaning Group Inc. will take care of all the building maintenance inside and out. We will oversee any projects, deliveries, and remodels. We will handle move-in and out cleanups and punch lists.  Call us to find out how cost-effective our services are and how simple we make it to manage your building.

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